Wm. R. (Bill) Stolpin

Artist - Printmaker

Also known as "William's Paper Markes"
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Whilst working out at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, drawing these dragon heads, any number of people came up to Bill and suggested that he should be selling them as tattoos and putting them on flash sheets for sale. Well, it only took three years of hearing that suggestion from all quarters to convince him that there might be something to it.

Currently, there are four sets for sale at $40 per set. Each set contains 5 different dragons and each dragon is presented as both fully detailed and a line drawing. Each set is printed on standard paper.

He's always drawing new dragons, so keep checking back to see if there are any new designs!

Feel free to e-mail Bill at: bill@stolpinart.com


Set A (5 designs)
Set B (5 designs)
Set C (5 designs)
Set D (5 designs)

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