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Bill Stolpin's Front Page

Located in Holly Michigan, (about twenty minutes south of Flint Michigan), Bill comes from a talented family. His father was an engineer and sculptor while his mother was a stockbroker, a pianist and composer, and his brother is a retired journeyman model maker and an inventor with several patents in his name. An eagle scout and a retired engineer himself, Bill used to play the flute, has done everything in Community Theater including directing, and has studied lithography (with Emil Weddige), woodcut (with Akira Kurosaki) and etching (at Crown Point Press). He currently teaches printmaking at the Flint Institute of Arts in Flint.

Bill Stolpin has been making prints since he was a kid. In junior high school, he was making linoleum block Christmas cards. The year he made a card with 7 blocks, and fifteen colors, he decided to take advantage of his printmaking skills.

In addition to his own prints, Bill began printing with the late James Anthony in 1980. Quickly joined by Stefan Davidek and Carole Brender, the four printmakers soon became known as DAS PRINT Co. As a well known group in the Flint area, they have printed together ever since. They have had group shows throughout mid-Michigan, including a twenty-five year retrospective show at Alma College in Alma Michigan.

Many of Bill's prints are available through the Art Rental program at the Flint Institute of Arts (810-234-1695)

WHAT'S NEW with Bill's Art

Bill Stolpin's Newsletter

This is the August 2012 issue of "WHAT'S NEW with Bill's Art".


I still have a number of my fantasy prints in a wonderful Tolkien/Fantasy show at Kettering University. The show will be up until October. For specific show information, including hours, contact Mary Ellen Zang at 810-407-4912.

I still have my series of Spiral prints available at a DAS show at Fandangles. The show run has been extended through September 7th. Fandangles is a really great restaurant with a unique menu and a fine place for either lunch or dinner. Check it out!

I just got back from GenCon (an international Gaming Convention) in Indianapolis. Things went very well, including sales of all of my new images....Hooray!!!

I've been convinced to attend Con on the Cob in Ohio. I'll let you know how that goes.

I will also be adding a new section to my website for drawings by young people that visit me or my Renaissance festival shop. I always challenge them to continue drawing... often they return with the results of this persistence. I wanted to give them a showcase to share their pictures with the world.

My most recent screenprint, "MECHEPHANT" is now available. The 11 1/2" by 16 1/2" image is printed on a 15" by 22 1/2" sheet of Arches 88 paper. It is an edition of 18 and is available for $150.

I have completed my 2012 dragon poster. Copies of this poster along with the other twenty prior years’ posters sold well at Gen Con, and are selling well at my Renaissance Festival shop.

2011 Dragon Poster
2011 Dragon Poster

Copies of my book are still available for $22. It contains reproductions of each poster from 1992 through 2011 (twenty years) with a little story behind each and a spoiler page disclosing where I hid all the messages and gargoyles in each poster.


Till next month    --------    Bill

Nosferatu Dragon
The Mummy Dragon
Frankenstien Dragon
The Creature from the Black Lagoon Dragon
I was recently challenged to depict the five classic movie monsters as if they were dragons. I have completed the first four: The Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Vampyre known as Nosferatu, and the Frankenstein Monster. The Wolfman has yet to be done. Mounted prints are available for $17 each.